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If you decide to leave your vehicle in our driveway parking area, YARTS, the bus system that connects us to Yosemite Valley, stops just up the road from us (~ ¼ mile).  Tickets are available online (YARTS.COM) and there are multiple trips per day.​




Tenaya Tours to Yosemite Valley from Fish Camp –


Tours within Yosemite Valley – Green Dragon Valley Floor tour -  a delightful 2-hour overview of Yosemite Valley, riding in an open-air vehicle, with commentary from a park ranger about the views, history, etc.  Reservations online in advance – easy for all ages and good orientation to the park.  (888) 413-8869. Usually commences ~ in May.


CHARGING STATIONS – Available at Tenaya Lodge (1/4 mile away) as well as incside the park in Yosemite Valley.  There are also numerous charging locations in Oakhurst, 12 miles south of us.


Service Stations:  There is no gasoline service available in Yosemite Valley.  Closest station is at Wawona (~ 5 miles from Fish Camp, within Yosemite National Park), as well as numerous stations in Oakhurst (12 miles south).

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